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Lauren Meir

created on May 23, 2012

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    There are also 3-in-one machines that combine the features of all three.
    For boxing and kickboxing.
    To ensure you have proper form while lifting.
    Perfect for a variety of weight-bearing ;exercises ;for multiple muscle groups.
    For toning and light resistance work.
    For heavier resistance work, can also be used in place of a cable machine.
    Perfect for core work, stability training and as a substitute for a flat bench.
    Weighted medicine balls are great for crunches and other resistance training.
    Music is a great exercise booster and can improve your workouts.
    Avoid sports and energy drinks.
    Hands can get slippery, so get a good grip on your weights.
    Make sure you buy the right kind for the type of exercise you plan on doing.
    Choose from a variety of exercise dvd's covering everything from resistance training to yoga, kickboxing, dance, HIIT and combination cardio-weight workouts. With all that's on the market, you'll never get bored.
    These often contain illustrated guides with step-by-step instructions for great workouts.
    Seek and you shall find your workout online!
4.75 with 205 votes


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Build an at-home gym with our basic Home Gym Checklist. Get the essential equipment and work out from the comfort of your own home, without paying a fortune in gym memberships. With the right tools, your home gym can be an invaluable asset to your fitness and improve overall health.

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