Hiking Checklist

Use this Hiking Checklist when going on your next trip:


  • Hiking shoes feel different than regular shoes or sneakers. Wear them for a few days to accustom your feet so you don't get blisters.
  • Take a few walks with your backpack. Having a heavy load on your back takes getting used to.
  • Hiking is not like walking, it is far more demanding on your legs and back. Your calves and hamstrings need preparation for this vigorous exercise.
  • If you have never hiked before, you might come to regret taking on a long demanding trail, so start off easy. If you are planning on taking a walking stick with you, learn how to handle the stick to your benefit.

Gear / Equipment

Things to Pack

Safety Tips

Hiking is an excellent way to experience the great outdoors. It gives your body the exercise it needs by opening you lungs, getting your heart rate going and giving your muscles a workout. Seeing how hiking is physically demanding, hikers should be in reasonable fit condition before setting off on their first trail. If your body is up to the challenge, your mind is surely to benefit of the experience.  Even though hiking is exhausting for the body, for the inner self nothing is quite as relaxing.  Stress will as good as disappear once you set off on your adventure!

Hiking Checklist Tips

  • People who are new to hiking should start off with a fairly short and easy track. Demanding too much, too soon, could lead to injuries.
  • Equally important is the equipment you pack for the hike. Not much is needed for a short day hike, but what you take with you has to be of good quality. The most important pieces of gear for a hiker are his shoes. Without comfortable shoes, hiking can turn into a nightmare. Also, wear long pants or slather on bug repellent if wearing shorts. Take a light windbreaker or jacket even if the weather is warm.
  • Taking food and water along on your hike is equally important. You'll be burning energy, and might need to refuel. A small snack could make all the difference to your blood sugar.
  • If you hike in high altitudes, take it easy. You can easily get altitude sickness if you overexert on your first fee times out! Don't forget to let someone know where you are going, and have a backup plan in case you run into trouble on your hike.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy your hike. Whether you are alone or in company, you are in the fresh air and surrounded by the beauty and wonder of nature. Be sure to pay attention to everything around you to avoid danger, and enjoy the outdoors.