Help Children Read Checklist

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Help Children Read Checklist
  • Children learn ;by listening, so the more you speak to them the faster they will learn.
  • ;The more you talk the more they will understand and respond.
  • Children learn first through ;rhythm ;and sound, and songs will encourage phonetic development.
  • Have quality discussions on topics ranging from lunchtime to family members to the color of the moon.
  • Expand your child's vocabulary early by using different words for the same feeling, action, or object.
  • ..everything! Seeing the words and hearing how they sound will help them retain vocabulary, and introduce them to written language.
  • It is never to early to start reading, and will instill in them an appreciation for books
  • This will be a good bonding experience and create positive association with reading.
  • The library can be a fun place to learn and cultivate their budding knowledge.
  • Children are very visual, and learning to write starts with scribbles and pictures.
  • Make story time an interactive experience; write a story together.
  • Find books on subjects they love (animals, sports, etc)., read the stories together and encourage them to write their own.
Scores 4.72 with 94 votes

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