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Simplify Your Event Registration with Our Form

Welcome to our efficient event registration form – a tool designed to streamline your registration process. This user-friendly form not only collects participant information but also integrates seamlessly with your task checklist.

No more manual data entry or scattered information. Our form automatically populates your checklist with each registration, turning them into manageable tasks. Customizable fields ensure you gather the exact information you need, and the straightforward export feature keeps your data organized.

Effortlessly manage registrations, track responses, and maintain a comprehensive overview of your event. Whether you're organizing conferences, workshops, or any gathering, our registration form simplifies the process.

How does it work?

Click on "Use Template" to jumpstart your form. You can always start from scratch later.
If needed, customize the form to fit your situation by adding, edting or removing questions, introduction or instructions.
Embed the form on your website or share it as a link via emails. You can also use a QR code.
Manage responses as tasks in your checklist. Assign them, update status, mark as completed & more.
Export responses to Excel/CSV or sync them with your favorite apps.
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Event Registration Form Fields:

The following fields are included in the Event Registration form. You can easily add or remove additional fields.

Assign - Once a form has been submitted by an attendee, assign it to member(s) of your team for further handling.. This field is not shown on the form.

Due Date - Set a due date for handling this form.. This field is not shown on the form.

First name (required) - Request users to enter their first name.

Last name (required) - And their last name. Note how these are required fields.

Email (required) - Collect attendees email address. You may add a note asking for Business email

Phone (required) - Users are required to eneter their phone number

Company - Business event attendees can enter their company name

Dietary preference - Easily change the type of dietary options available using our form builder

Event Registration Form can be used for:




Training Sessions

Networking Events


Trade Shows



Social Gatherings

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