Detailed Bachelorette Party Checklist

Sherry M. Lewis

created on Dec 25, 2011

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    Make a shortlist of attractions, restaurants, or other venues within your budget and let the bride decide which one she would like the best.
    If reservations are required for dinner or a spa day, book well in advance and confirm two weeks ahead.
    Call and give an exact number of attendees after guests return RVSP cards.
    Offer to assist out of town guests in finding hotel accommodations close to the party.
    When choosing a restaurant or caterer, consider any guests' allergies or food sensitivities.
    Keep the cost within each guest's budget.
    Does anyone want to eat a rib BBQ right before going dancing at a club? Choose menu items that correspond with the party theme.
    Book tickets well in advance and make sure all seats are together. Call ahead to tell them it's a bachelorette party to see if any perks are available.
    Book ahead, know the laws, and don't break them!
    Treat playgoers to some thoughtful favors and prizes for attending.
    Plan a variety of bachelorette party games and choose whichever one suits the mood at any point during the night.
    In larger bachelorette parties, the attendees may know the bride from different areas of her life and may not necessarily know each other. Use glow necklaces, leis, or another uncommon accessory to identify the bride's friends in crowded areas.
    Program all guests' cell phone numbers into the chaperone's phones before splitting up, even to go to the washroom.
    Set a designated time and place to meet in case anyone is lost throughout the event.
    At least one person should remain sober and responsible throughout the event, to handle emergencies and ensure all women get home.
    Send out of town guests a list of suggested flights or train schedules with their invitation.
    Book a hired car, limo, bus, or other vehicle large enough to accommodate all guests.
    A responsible party or chaperone should see each party-goer back to her doorway or hotel to ensure the personal safety of all of the bride's friends and family.
    It is important to respect the wishes of the bride but that doesn't mean you have to respect the wishes of the groom. This is her party.
    If you are planning an outdoor event, make a Plan B for an indoor venue in case of bad weather.
    Share the details of the event with all attendants, giving them a chance to back out if they are uncomfortable with any of the plans or entertainment.
    If the party is held at a private residence, make sure the owner has a cleaning crew (preferably the bridesmaids) to help out the next day!
    Avoid festivities the night before the wedding so the bridal party is in good shape for the big day.
4.82 with 136 votes


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A bachelorette party is a time to celebrate the last nights of a woman’s singlehood before marriage. Traditionally arranged by the maid of honor, the bachelorette party should reflect the bride’s personality and celebrate her unique qualities. Bachelorette parties range from wild nights out, to afternoon BBQs, to corporate office get-togethers. The bride’s closest female friends and family help plan the event; those who know her best and understand the type of event she would love. The following checklist will help you remember to plan and book all of the elements to bring the bachelorette party together!


Bachelorette parties do not have to be the wild, crazy bar-hopping extravaganzas popularized in movies. Some women are uncomfortable in bars or don’t drink alcohol. Other ideas for bachelorette parties include spa days, shopping trips to another city, concerts, garden parties, or hiking trips. Any event that brings the bride and her close girlfriends together for much-needed quality time before the big day is a successful one. It is important to discuss the details of the party with the bride during planning. She may prefer that her coworkers are not invited to a bar or club party, or that all of the friends in her life from all areas are included in whatever the bridal party has planned. Bachelorette party plans do not need to be kept secret; the best way to ensure the bride will love the party is to include her in the planning. Be respectful of the bride’s wishes; do not embarrass or upset her by doing something outrageous (ie.: hiring a stripper) if she has asked that the party be low-key. Send a “Save the Date” notice two to three months prior to the bachelorette party, with invites arriving at least four to six weeks before the event. Ask partygoers to RSVP by three weeks prior to the date, leaving time to finalize all arrangements for transportation, food, etc.

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