Crafts with Kids Checklist

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Crafts with Kids Checklist
  • Before starting an arts and crafts project, make sure you have enough uninterrupted time to complete the task.
  • Don’t start it if you have to put it aside for meal time or another activity.
  • There are always the unplanned interruptions that have to be dealt with, but when you promise your child that the afternoon will be spent making the project, do your best to plan enough time around the craft.
  • Before you schedule your crafting time, make sure you have the proper materials on hand
  • And that you have enough in case major mistakes are made along the way.
  • Running out of an important component, or having to search for glue or scissors just adds frustration to a project that suddenly doesn’t seem to be running as smoothly as either of you envisioned.
  • Choose an arts and crafts project that is appropriate for the skill and development of your child.
  • If the project involves cutting and pasting and the child isn’t old enough to use scissors, do the cutting before hand.
  • Remember that it is the child’s project, and they should feel that they have done most of the work themselves.
  • Choosing the proper skill level will also result in a better looking completed project that the child will be proud to have displayed.
  • Let the child have as much control of the craft as possible, while sitting back until your help is needed.
  • You may be tempted to grab the glue to push the progress along a bit, but unless the child asks for help, let them find their own best way to accomplish the maneuver.
  • Remember that this is a craft, not an artistic masterpiece.
  • A completed craft is a successful craft.
  • There are always encouraging words to describe the project. ;My favorite is ‘primitive art’.
Scores 4.74 with 113 votes

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