Climbing Checklist

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Climbing Checklist
  • Seek out an indoor rock climbing studio in your area and sign up for lessons.
  • Your first few 'real' outdoor climbs should be in a group with a qualified instructor.
  • You may be able to rent at first, but eventually you will need your own gear.
  • Membership in a rock climbing club makes it easier to find a climbing buddy and may give you more opportunities for fun climbing adventures.
  • Never climb bare-headed. You can survive a broken leg - a cracked skull is more dubious!
  • Buy new if possible; second hand gear should be thoroughly checked over by a professional. A seat harness is better than a simple waist harness.
  • Choose one that is a different color on each end, meeting in the middle - that makes it easy to see when you have reached the halfway point.
  • Real climbing shoes are the only safe footwear to take on a climb. Make sure you wear good socks, too.
  • Locking biners latch securely to your belt harness, so you can tether yourself with confidence. Non-locking biners let you shift ropes and gear as needed.
  • You need photo ID, medical insurance cards, and emergency contact info.
  • Even in winter, the sun can still burn!
  • Gloves, hat, and even a bandana to tie around your lower face can stave of frostbite in freezing temps.
  • A regular first aid kit plus some pressure bandages.
  • Choose lightweight nonperishable high energy food and carry plenty of water.
  • Cell phones with GPS and 2 way radios are best.
  • A hard copy map plus a compass should be packed.
  • A camera, flashlight and matches should also be part of your climbing kit.
  • Everyone should have radios, cell phones, and everyone else's number in case of separation.
  • Drink plenty of water leading up to the day of the climb, and drink water at regular intervals.
  • Have a predetermined meeting point in case of separation.
  • Decide on a time that all parties should turn back.
  • Know who to call if you get into trouble.
Scores 4.81 with 89 votes

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