Bridal Shower Checklist

Eight to ten weeks before the bridal shower

  • Check with the bride to see who she wants invited - it's her shower and her choice.
  • You'll need funds, so hit up family and friends to show the bride to be a good time.
  • Bridal showers are traditionally a morning or early afternoon affair, and so should be held on a weekend.
  • The shower may be held at home, in the dining hall of a nice restaurant, in a church or many other venues.

Four to six weeks before the bridal shower

Three weeks before the bridal shower

Two weeks before the bridal shower

One week before the bridal shower

The day of the bridal shower

Traditionally, bridal showers were held to make sure that the bride would not lack for items such as linens, dishes and other important household wares. Today, more and more people hold bridal showers for fun, with gifts ranging from the sensible to the absurd. The main goal of today's bridal shower is to make the bride feel special and provide her with things to take into her marriage.


  • Showers are best held approximately a month before the actual wedding. Usually the mother of the bride takes charge, planning and executing the shower, although a sister, or close friend or even the mother-in-law-to-be may step in if needed. The best showers are a collaboration between many of the bride's friends and family members. In some cases where the couple met at a place of employment, their coworkers may choose to throw them a shower. Guests for the shower can include immediate family on both sides, close friends and neighbors or co-workers.
  • Many showers nowadays are mixed gender, with fun things planned for couples to do and appropriate gifts. A theme may be chosen to up the fun factor, and guys may be pitted against girls during team games. Alcohol may be served if desired, although it should be confined to light drinks such as wine, beer and margaritas or daiquiris as a bridal shower is generally a daytime event.
  • Planning ahead for the shower is part of the fun. Guests can coordinate gifts to prevent embarrassment such as might occur if two people bought identical coaster sets, or the bride ended up with four toasters or bread makers. A registry can help such duplication to be avoided. For couples showers, also, make sure you double check everyone's plus one to ensure that an uncomfortable situation does not arise in the form of an unwanted guest!