Basic Picnic Checklist

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Basic Picnic Checklist
  • Pre-made finger foods usually work best and give you more time to relax at the picnic.
  • Avoid dishes that use mayonnaise because it has a tendency to spoil.
  • Consider easy to eat, ripe and in-season fruit or easy to grab cookies or brownies for dessert.
  • Pack the basics: ketchup, mustard and salt and pepper. Find small picnic sized containers or make your own.
  • For children, bring what you know they like to drink best. Adults should be happy with soda or beer. Just be sure to have enough bottled water for everyone. Try to avoid any drinks that come in glass bottles.
  • Unless you plan to use an already provided grill or bring your own Hibachi.
  • Throw-away will make your clean-up more simple. Also include a cutting knife and small cutting board.
  • Use a size plastic glass that allow enough room for ice and the beverage.
  • Bring plenty including a roll of paper towels and antibiotic wipes.
  • Have one for drinks and lot of ice and another for perishable food.
  • It is difficult to beat the convenience of a Zip lock bag, but stackable plastic containers also fit well in an ice chest.
  • If you must bring your own picnic table, find a lightweight fold-up style with a few chairs for adults.
  • Bring along small beach umbrellas that attach to a chair for instant shade.
  • These are more comfortable than sitting on a blanket.
  • Accidents and spills happen!
  • Nights can get chilly so take a jacket or sweatshirt for everyone.
  • This can help prevent sunstroke
  • If you plan to go swimming or just lay out for a tan, you will need your swimsuit.
  • If your picnic is a family event you kids will have hours of fun with well planned activities like Frisbee, volleyball, badminton, Wiffle ball or even a scavenger hunt for younger children.
  • For the less athletic who want to relax, make sure they bring a book of magazine.
  • Preferably, one designed for a picnic.
  • Find an easy to use spray with minimum SPF 15.
  • Non-toxic sprays are handy to use. Also, if your picnic goes into early evening, bring citronella candles with a sturdy base.
  • Not just a must for early evenings, but the kids can have fun using it to look for bugs.
  • You will need these if you picnic in an area without trash any receptacles.
  • Only necessary if you bring glass bottles.
  • If wine is in your cooler, do not forget your wine opener.
Scores 4.79 with 109 votes

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