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  • Becoming Wedding Coordinator
    • Determine different services provided by a wedding planner, so you can choose what you want to offer.
    • Check the information you need about the "business" side of things (permits, insurance, etc)
    • Determine how to create a professional image for your wedding planner business.
    • Price your services as a wedding planner.
    • Find clients who want to hire a wedding planner.
    • Create an impressive portfolio even if you have no previous experience as a wedding planner.
    • Effectively market your wedding planner business through advertising.
    • Attend wedding shows and bridal fairs.
    • Check what to include in a client contract to protect yourself.
  • Working as a Wedding Coordinator
    • Get creative ideas for a wedding.
    • Develop the skills you will need as a wedding planner, including organizational skills.
    • Put on your own bridal show.
    • Become certified as a "professional" wedding planner.
    • Create wedding planner timeline and checklist.
    • Create checklist for the bride and groom.
    • Create wedding planner resume.
    • Think of what to say when talking to prospective clients of your wedding planner business.
    • Prepare wedding planner registration form with questions to ask new clients.
    • Prepare wedding budget form.
    • Prepare wedding guest list form.
    • Prepare site survey sheet to evaluate wedding ceremony and wedding reception sites.
    • Prepare template wedding planner contract.
  • Planning a Wedding
    • Prepare a time-line schedule.
    • List of all the tasks involved in planning a wedding.
    • Prepare a wedding budget.
    • Choose where the wedding will take place (the venue).
    • Find a wedding officiant (minister, rabbi, Justice of the Peace, etc ).
    • Select wedding ceremony music.
    • Arrange the wedding ceremony rehearsal.
    • Decide on the time of day for the wedding reception.
    • Choose a place to hold the wedding reception (the venue).
    • Work with the venue staff to create a fabulous wedding reception.
    • Arrange wedding reception activities.
    • Select reputable wedding vendors.
    • Negotiate contracts.

Wedding Coordinator Checklist
  Sherry M. Lewis

on December 27, 2011

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