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  • General Checks
    • Your name is on every page.
    • The title is given in full on the first page.
    • The pages are numbered.
    • The line spacing is set correctly
    • The margins are wide enough for a tutor’s comments.
    • The word count is given.
    • A bibliography and/ or list of references is included.
    • You have answered all parts of the question.
  • Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation
    • Use the spell checker on your computer.
    • Read the script for spelling mistakes (names and specialised terminology, right usage of forms such as ‘to’, ‘too’).
    • Correct use of apostrophes, commas, full stops, colons, inverted commas.
    • Correct use of subjects (nouns or pronouns) and verbs.
    • Correct use of tense for your verbs.
    • Make sure the sentences are not too long, split into shorter sentences if necessary.
    • Use a question mark just for questions.
    • Be sure you know the meaning of the words you’ve used.
    • Make sure you haven’t used the same word too many times.
    • Expressing yourself clearly.
    • Make sure there an introduction which relates to the question.
    • All the paragraphs have one main idea.
    • There is a clear conclusion.
    • Writing flow smoothly from one section/paragraph to the next.


Read the paper aloud.
Proofread one sentence at a time.
Proofread once more, looking for problems you know of in your writing.
Proofread slowly.

Proofreading Checklist
  Kimberly French

on December 26, 2011

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