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  • PC Maintenance
    • Run anti-virus scan on a daily basis.
    • Check for updates to anti-virus and anti-spyware software for the latest virus definitions, and run a scan.
    • Make a backup copy of all critical data.
    • Check that you have enough free disk space.
    • Remove any applications you don’t need.
    • Use a clean up tool to clear out cached and temporary files.
    • Remove unnecessary startup programs.
    • Periodically empty the recycle bin.
    • Defragment all drives.
    • Change all passwords periodically to protect yourself against identity theft.
    • Check all PC cables are correctly plugged in securely.
    • Create or update the boot disk.
    • Make sure the hardware works.
  • Hardware Maintenance
    • Turn your PC off and unplug it.
    • Open up the case of your PC.
    • Use canned air to blow away the accumulated dirt and dust.
    • Be sure to blow the dust out from a variety of angles, to be sure you clean out the hidden areas.
    • Remove dust from all fans.
    • To loosen debris and grime use foam rubber swabs.
    • Do not to use brushes, cotton swabs, or pieces of cloth, because they can leave a residue and produce static charges.
    • Do not use any kind of fluid at all, cleaning fluid or otherwise.
    • Clear dust and grime accumulated in your power supply by spraying air through all the supply’s vent openings.
    • Spray the cable connections.
    • Spray between the cracks of the keyboard.
    • Turn the keyboard upside down to enable the particles to fall out.
    • Clean the monitor with a screen cleaner that counters static buildup.

PC Maintenance Checklist
  Alex Strickland

on December 28, 2011

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