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  • Manager Qualities
    • Inspire a shared vision.
    • Good communicator.
    • Enthusiastic.
    • Cool under pressure.
    • Have team-building skills.
    • Have problem solving skills.
  • Work
    • Build morale.
    • Create a productive environment.
    • Employees are informed on how they?re doing on the job.
    • Whenever employees do not achieve expected results, are met with concern.
    • Employees are encouraged to participate in setting goals and determining how to achieve those goals.
    • When talking with employees about their performance, managers are very open and frank.
    • Explain subordinates the requirements they would be expected to meet to qualify for larger responsibilities within organization in the future.
    • Clarify with subordinates their duties, responsibilities and the important results they are expected to accomplish.
    • Work with subordinates in developing agreed-to "standards of performance".
    • Contribute ideas to subordinates to help them do their jobs.
    • Provide appropriate recognition and rewards to subordinates for the results they have achieved on the job.
  • Self-Development
    • Thorough discussions, employees are helped to learn from their success and failures.
    • Employees can about their ambitions and aspirations for the future.
    • Employees think through problems and make important decisions on their own.
    • Subordinates are praised whenever they achieve a significant result.
    • Provide opportunities for subordinates to broaden their experience and increase their competence.
    • Chat with subordinates about ways they might improve their effectiveness on the job.
    • Discuss with subordinates specific things they might do to better in the future.
  • General
    • Employees are informed about our overall organizational plans and operating results.
    • Employees are provided with support and backing.
    • Easy to talk to, even when busy and under pressure.
    • Subordinates are encouraged whenever they are undertaking difficult assignments.
    • Understand subordinate?s viewpoints when discussing problems and undertakings with them.
    • Encourage subordinates to express themselves openly.

Management Checklist
  Alex Strickland

on January 1, 2012

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