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  • Daily Inspection
    • Check mast and carriage for any damage or foreign items.
    • Check chains and fixing bolts for damaged links, obvious stretching and appropriate lubrication.
    • Check forks for any sign of cracks, especially at the heels, or any other sign of damage or excess wear
    • Check the tyres and wheels.
    • Check the tynes are properly attached.
    • Check any attachments.
    • Check the safety devices such as seat belts, warning devices, flashing lights and beepers.
    • Check the battery and connector.
    • Check the guards.
    • Check the fluid levels.
    • Check the braking and hydraulic systems.
  • Operation
    • The areas where forklifts operate are well-ventilated. 
    • The areas where forklifts operate are well-lit. 
    • The surfaces where forklifts operate are level and non-slip. 
    • Forklifts are fitted with load-cell-weighing devices.
    • Forklifts are fitted with tilt restrictors. 
    • Forklifts are fitted with operator restraint interlocks.
    • Operators verify that the forklift truck has the capacity to pick up the load. 
    • Batteries are charged in a well-ventilated area. 
    • Eye-washing facilities are available and located near where battery charging is done.
  • Precautions
    • Inspect the forklift before use.
    • Inspect the load before attempting to move it.
    • Wear protective gear.
    • Use a spotter.
    • Keep the load low enough that it will not block your vision.
    • Do not allow any person to ride on any part of the forklift.
    • Be sure to lower the forks, when the forkllift not in use.

Forklift Checklist
  Taylor Peterson

on January 1, 2012

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