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  • Documentation & Notification
    • Compile the proper documentation.
    • Prepare the termination letter.
    • Notify Human Resources.
    • Ask employee to write a resignation letter that states he/she is leaving and the termination date.
    • Notify your network administrator of the date and time on which to terminate the employee’s access to computer and telephone systems.
  • Return of Property
    • Make sure employee returns all company-owned items.
    • Make sure employee provides his/hers supervisors with passwords and other information pertaining to accessing computer files and telephone messages.
    • Make sure access to external company databases is removed.
    • Make sure employee’s e-mail account is canceled.
    • Set automatic e-mail notification to alert sender that employee is no longer employed.
  • Compensation Issues
    • Determine what ‘wages’ are owed.
    • Determine how much vacation has the employee earned.
    • Determine much vacation has been used.
    • Prepare information regarding rollover of any 401(k) plans and other benefit information.
    • Life/Disability Insurance – discontinue premium payments.
    • Obtain executed copy of employee’s final expense report.
  • Exit Interview
    • Make sure HR office will schedule an exit interview.
    • Discuss appropriate details regarding termination.
    • Review confidentiality or proprietary information agreement.
    • Confirm employee’s address for future mailing of information.
    • Provide employee with a contact person and information for questions arising after the meeting.

Employee Termination Checklist
  Alex Strickland

on December 29, 2011

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