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  • Preparation for the First Day
    • Make sure work station, office materials or other equipment are ready.
    • Make sure computer and telephone access are prepared.
    • Let other staff know new employee is starting.
    • Talk with current members about the new employee’s role and responsibilities.
    • Plan who will do what in the new employee’s orientation.
    • Appoint and orient a work buddy.
    • Make lunch plans for the first few days.
    • Send and e-mail or post an announcement for other work groups about the new employee’s arrival.
    • Contact the Human Resources Department to schedule a new-hire appointment.
  • First Day
    • Welcome the new staff member upon their arrival.
    • Describe the orientation plan for the first few days.
    • Give the employee a copy of the e-mail announcing their arrival.
    • Introduce the new employee to all key staff.
    • Introduce the new employee to his/her work buddy.
    • Show the employee to his or her work area.
    • Give a quick tour of the facilities.
    • Have an identification card made.
    • Issue keys and equipment.
    • Explain safety rules that are specific to your company.
    • Order business cards, if appropriate.
    • Share your company’s vision, mission and values as well as its history.
    • Distribute a staff list with telephone numbers.
    • Give initial work assignment.
    • Meet with the new employee at the end of the day to find out how the day went.
    • Explain how the job is important and how it relates to the company and its goals.
  • Second Day
    • Define the department’s function.
    • Review reporting structures.
    • Review the job descriptions and performance standards.
    • Review the work schedule.
    • Review the work procedures.
    • Describe who and how to notify about sick and vacation leave.
    • Discuss overtime need and assignments.
    • Review procedures for handling confidential information.

Employee Orientation Checklist
  Alex Strickland

on December 29, 2011

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