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  • Pre-discussion Issues
    • Have job accountabilities been clearly established?
    • Have job accountabilities been defined and prioritized?
    • Have previous performance evaluations identified any issues?
    • Have standards of performance been clearly defined in measurable terms?
    • Has the performance gap been previously discussed with the employee?
    • Are there any obstacles, outside the employee’s control, that interfere with job performance?
  • Discussion with Employee
    • Review job accountabilities.
    • Review defined performance standards.
    • Recognize employee strengths and contributions.
    • Explain performance gaps in measurable terms.
    • Check for understanding by having the employee restate your explanation of performance gaps.
    • Discuss improvement ideas, then ask the employee to develop a performance improvement plan for your review.
    • Schedule a follow-up meeting.
    • End meeting on a supportive note.
    • Document the discussion phase; include a summary of what was said, expectations and responsibility.
    • Contact HR if any potential disciplinary or legal issues arise.
  • Follow up Meeting
    • Review issues addressed in first meeting.
    • Solicit employee improvement ideas.
    • Negotiate an improvement plan.
    • Document the plan, progress reviews and provide copy to employee.
    • Establish follow-up timelines.
    • Provide ongoing encouragement and support.
  • Tips for Success
    • Reinforce positive changes as they occur.
    • Recognize and document positive performance improvement.
    • Allow the employee time to talk and listen for understanding.
    • Focus on the issue, not the person.
    • Be specific.
    • Anticipate possible employee reactions and prepare verbal responses.
    • Prepare to handle disagreements.

Employee Evaluation Checklist
  Alex Strickland

on December 29, 2011

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