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  • Your Dorm Room
    • Check if there is space for mattresses, desk and workstation.
    • Contact your roommate to see who is bringing what items.
    • Organize your things to save your space.
    • Push furniture against the walls and use the corners as much as possible.
    • Style your dorm room to make it look funky, stylish as well as fashionable.
    • Use fabric from discount stores and clearance sales to cover barren old walls in your dorm room.
    • Hang pieces of artwork on the walls.
    • Bring a few familiar, treasured items from home.
    • Comply with the rules and regulations that are set by your dorm.
  • Cooking
    • Check beforehand, if you are allowed to take cooking appliances
    • Buy some crates to store dry goods.
    • Be prepared by keeping your refrigerator stocked.
    • Put only microwave-safe dishes in the microwave.
    • Always cover your food with wax paper or a paper towel before you microwave it to avoid splattering.
    • Use a pot holder when removing anything from the microwave.
    • Keep the bugs away.
    • Clean your dishes immediately after you finish eating.
    • Try to eat at your desk to avoid getting crumbs on the floor or in your bed.

Dorm Room Checklist
  Laura Cooper Peterson

on December 29, 2011

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