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  • Camera
    • Is the sensor free of dust?
    • Do the lenses need to be cleaned?
    • Is there enough power in the battery?
    • Is there enough space on the memory card?
    • Is the image recording quality set properly?
    • If not shooting raw, are the image settings set properly?
    • Is the ISO correct for the upcoming shoot?
    • Does the white balance setting match the light?
    • Is the proper metering mode selected?
    • Is the shooting mode set correctly for the subject matter?
    • Is the drive mode correct (single/continuous shooting)?
    • Is the auto focus set up correctly?
  • Shooting Photos
    • Understand ins and outs of your camera.
    • Learn to control the flash.
    • Take close up shots of objects using macro mode.
    • Hold the camera level
    • Use a tripod that’s convenient to carry around.
  • After-Shoot
    • Download all images to your computer.
    • Backup your images to an external hard drive.
    • Reformat your cards in the camera after you’ve backed up your photo shoot.
    • Change the ISO setting back to its lowest value.
    • Change the white balance back to its auto setting.
    • Recharge your battery.
    • Set exposure compensation back to zero.
    • Change the metering method to Evaluative or Matrix.
    • Clean your lenses with a microfiber cloth.
    • Clean your camera body with a soft cloth and no solvents.

Digital Photography Checklist
  Kimberly French

on December 29, 2011

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