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created on Jun 10, 2012

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Use this checklist before you start cooking. We don't mean baking an egg or preparing a sandwich, we mean a real big meal for a lot of people. With the proper preparation and the use of the Cooking checklist it wil be a piece of cake.
    When having these all mixed up you will get confused when it comes to time of preparation etc.
    When having too many people in and around the kitchen you will get distracted and then you are bound to make a mistake.
    Even though a lot of people might consider this as ‘common sense’ you will be surprised how many people fail within that aspect.
    In that case anything should happen, then you (and/or your partner) will be prepared.
    Fish and ( most) meat should be placed in the freezer, fruits in the fridge itself as well as items as sauces or spices should be a choice that you will have to decide on.
    The normal rate of a fridge’s temperature is about 40 degrees. When you have a good thermometer make sure you check it often.
4.78 with 212 votes


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