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  • Before School Starts
    • Establish a firm bedtime before school starts.
    • Figure out a plan for balancing homework and play time
    • Set rules for the time spent on non-school projects.
    • Arrange for your child to play with others in his age group before classes start.
    • Determine when your child will do homework.
    • Create a workspace for your child at home.
    • Discuss your child’s feelings about starting school.
    • Talk with your child about his daily school schedule.
    • Get your child’s vision checked.
  • School
    • Enroll your child, if not already registered from the previous year.
    • Find out what day school start.
    • Check what time your child should arrive.
    • Fill out emergency contact sheets.
    • Notify the school about any health problems or medications.
    • Find out the best method of contacting teachers.
    • Know what your child is expected to learn in her grade level.
    • Familiarize yourself with the information on the school website.
    • Read the school handbook and make sure your child understands the rules.
    • Determine how your child will be getting to school and then plan the safest route.
    • Practice getting to school with your child.
    • Arrange child care or after-school activities.
    • Make sure your child knows where to go after school each day.
  • School Supplies
    • Contact the school to see if it has a required supplied list.
    • Allow kids to choose their own school supplies.
    • Find out whether supplies will be stored at school or kids bring them home each day.
    • Buy a backpack.
    • Review the school dress code.
    • Buy school uniforms and gym clothes, if necessary.
  • Your Calendar
    • Mark school events on the family calendar.
    • Attend the back-to-school program.
    • Schedule and attend parent-teacher conferences.
    • Meet leaders of the parent-teacher group.

Back To School Checklist
  Laura Cooper Peterson

on December 22, 2011

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