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  • Entertainment
    • Get the groom’s take Find out how the man of honor wants to spend his last big night as a bachelor.
    • Plan an outing or just a night out on the town You could go to dinner and then hit the bars, take a weekend hiking trip or spend a night at the casino. Other options include driving ranges, bungee jumping, professional sporting events, bowling, laser tag, movies, sky diving, rock climbing and batting cages.
  • Food and beverages
    • Purchase beer, wine/Champagne and spirits ;Bring your buddy’s favorite brews and liquor to the party to enjoy in the hotel or a friend’s house before you go out, as well as en route. How much you need to bring depends on the size of the bachelor party and what you have planned for the evening.
    • Pack coolers and ice.
    • Don’t forget the glasses and mugs ;Bring along glass or plastic glasses for mixed drinks or wine, and keep beer cold in travel mugs.
    • Bring a few canteens ;Stay hydrated throughout the festivities by bringing travel canteens filled with water.
    • Pack snacks ;Nosh between party stops on chips, dip, pretzels or any other favorite snack food of the groom’s. Stock your limo’s fridge if possible or pack a few coolers full of snacks for your party bus or van.
    • Make lunch, dinner and brunch reservations, and write down addresses.
  • Transportation
    • Research your options You may opt for a limo or party bus to safely transport guests. Be sure to call several transportation services near you to find something that suits your event’s needs and budget. Limos are generally the most expensive but are the most comfortable, whereas party buses can make for bumpy rides but are cheaper. Book transportation at least a month before the event, and confirm reservations a week before.
    • Book a rental car and driver ;If you would rather rent a vehicle, you can pay a driver to escort the guests. Find a driver who knows the area where you will be celebrating.
    • Write down your driver’s number ;Get the number of your driver before you make your first stop for easy pick-up when you are ready to move on.
  • Accommodations
    • Book hotel reservations Make them at least two months before the event to avoid room shortages, and confirm the week before.
    • Research the hotel’s transportation services ;Make sure to have the front desk’s number to book shuttles to and from the hotel.
    • Find cots, extra blankets, pillows and sheets from your attic and closets ;These are necessities if you or others are crashing in a friend’s home or apartment.

Give your favorite groom-to-be a night to remember by planning the ultimate bachelor party. A lot of preparation can go into the big event, from buying event tickets to making dinner reservations to taking care of transportation needs. Rather than wasting time trying to remember if you called the restaurant back or got a tee time at the golf range, make a list of everything you need to be bachelor party-ready.


  • Keep a first-aid kit handy. Bring one along for tending to mid-party bruises and scrapes.
  • Avoid having the party the day before the wedding, or the day of. Those who do this are generally not in the best shape at the altar.
  • Have a long talk with the groom before planning the event. Create a party or weekend that suits his tastes to avoid any ill-received surprises.
  • Bring a camera or two. Document the night by taking pictures; if one of your friends is a photographer consider asking him to take over picture duty.
  • Purchase a few gag gifts. Give the groom-to-be a special hat to wear as well as other goofy items to keep things lively.
Bachelor Party Checklist
  Kent McGroarty

on December 28, 2011

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