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  • Speech/Language/Communication
    • Speaks nonsense, memorized phrases or uses gestures.
    • Doesn’t respond to facial expressions.
    • High or low senses of smell, taste, sight, sound or touch.
    • High or low reaction to pain.
    • Has abnormal ability to commmunicate for his/her age.
  • Sociability
    • Doesn’t make eye contact or look directly at an object of interest.
    • Withdrawn, can’t make friends.
    • Treats others as objects.
    • Seems to be in a shell – you cannot reach him/her.
    • Pays little or no attention when addressed.
    • Uncooperative and resistant.
    • Shows no affection.
    • Dislikes being held/cuddled.
    • Rarely smiles.
    • Insensitive to other’s feelings.
    • Ignores other people.
  • Health/Physical/Behavior
    • Rubs, licks or mouths objects.
    • Shows little imagination, doesn’t mimic others.
    • Strong opposition to change.
    • Very narrow interests.
    • Can’t move off of a single object of interest.
    • Repetitive body movements.
    • Bed-wetting.
    • Sleep problems.

Autism Checklist
  Fae Graham

on December 28, 2011

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