What to Take to College Checklist

Laura Cooper Peterson

Laura Cooper Peterson

created on Dec 25, 2011

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We've put together this college checklist to help you make your transition out of the nest a little easier. Up until now your parents have pretty much been in charge of making sure you have everything you need – a bar of soap, a new toothbrush, a desk lamp and alarm clock. But you're getting ready to go out on your own now, so make sure you have everything you need. The first segment of this college checklist them will be necessities – things you absolutely want to make sure you take along to your new dorm room. While you've been living in your parents' home you've had the luxury of plenty of storage space in which to amass these grand collections. But you'll probably be sharing a dorm room with at least one other person and they are by no means the Taj Mahal. Space, in a dorm room, is at a premium.


Keep in mind when you're packing up, that there's a big difference between necessities and luxuries. A necessity is something you absolutely have to have in order to survive – like your computer and your alarm clock. A luxury is something that you really like but you don't have to have it in order to survive – like your collection of 50 teddy bears or that footlocker of comic books you've been accumulating since third grade. Make sure you've packed all the necessities and then include just enough luxuries to keep you from getting homesick.  If you can't decide if something stays or goes, take a look at this checklist. And on some of the items you'll be sharing – like the coffee maker or microwave, check with your roommate first to see what they'll be bringing so you can avoid duplication.

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