Vehicle Inspection Checklist


  • Know the history of your vehicle, whether it's been in one wreck or eight.
  • Bring in current paperwork from last inspection.
  • Proof of maintenance needs to be brought in to the inspection as well.
  • Make sure to go to the vehicle inspection on time.


Things to Take

Safety Issues to Consider

Driving a car is a privilege, but also a huge safety issue.  Having a vehicle inspection done is a great idea, especially if you're just looking at buying one.  There are some states that require vehicle inspections on a regular basis, and doing so has helped keep the roads safer. Learning to be safe in any vehicle means knowing what to look for in any vehicle inspection.  Whether those things are mechanical, cosmetic or simple everyday things, this knowledge is powerful to have.  Knowing how to check the fluids in your vehicle on a regular basis will help your vehicle not suffer further damage.  Simple skills like that will make the vehicle inspections much easier.


When it is time to take your vehicle in for an inspection, take it to a reputable place.  Typically, dealers will do the inspections as required by each state.  However, some states do have required departments for vehicle owners to take them to.  Ensure that your vehicle has been kept as well-maintained as possible prior to the vehicle inspection. Checking compliance issues regarding seat belts is always on a vehicle inspection, as a seat belt is number one in safety. Brakes are going to be another major issue to be checked over; are the pads on the brakes too thin?  How well does the brake pedal itself work?  Do the brake lights and headlights work properly so that other drivers can see you well enough when needed? Once you have found a vehicle inspection place that will do the inspection, watch them do it, and learn from it.  The vehicle inspection is meant to be a useful tool for anyone.  States are simply interested in keeping the roads, the vehicles and the drivers on them safe.  Utilize the problems on the vehicle inspection report as a learning experience, and be safe!