Vehicle Checklist

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  • Bring in current paperwork from last inspection.
  • Proof of maintenance needs to be brought in to the inspection as well.
  • Proof that a recurring policy has actually been paid is useful as well.
  • Driver's license and registration to vehicle to prove who you are.
  • Perhaps it is time to consider replacing them, if the tread is less than fifty percent because tire blowouts are no fun.
  • They do burn out, sometimes causing crashes, so replacing them on your own is a good idea.
  • These do sometimes wear thin, or actually break, so replace them if needed.
  • Top off before going in, but be sure to mop up any spills that could cause smoking.
  • If these start to squeak at all, it's time for a trip to the shop so that your fellow drivers don't get hit because you can't stop.
  • Contrary to popular belief, driving around with a hole in the muffler is not safe, and will not pass an inspection.
Scores 4.80 with 348 votes

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