Unclog a Toilet Checklist

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  • This versatile tool clears out drain clogs for both tubs and toilets (a hand auger and a toilet auger, respectively). ;You may not need an auger to remove this clog, but chances are it will come in handy.
  • You should feel some resistance from the suction cap.
  • There is a plastic sleeve at the crank bend in order to prevent scratching the toilet basin.
  • You've found the clog!
Scores 4.82 with 88 votes
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Clogged commode? No problem! Our Unclog a Toilet Checklist shows you how to turn a messy situation into an easily-solved repair with step-by-step instructions. Have the right tools on hand and you could save yourself from flushing your hard-earned cash down the toilet!


  • There are two different types of Augers, a hand auger for tubs and a toilet auger for your commode. Both are essential tools to have around the house, especially if you want to avoid calling a plumber and shelling out extra cash.
  • Make sure you thoroughly disenfect the bathroom after clearing a clog. Use bleach or a cleaner with anti-bacterial properties in order to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria from sewage.

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