Organize Your Fridge Checklist

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Organize Your Fridge Checklist
  • Unwashed produce lasts longer.
  • If all else fails, smell it first!
  • It will absorb the extra moisture and foods will stay fresher longer.
  • They won't wilt as fast.
  • They'll stay good for weeks.
  • room and keep them in a cool place outside the fridge.
  • Tomatoes emit a gas that hastens the spoiling process
  • When ready for eating, warm it up in the microwave for 30 seconds and then toast.
  • ..freeze dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Defrost when ready to eat. Partially defrosted yogurt tastes like ice cream!
  • They can be used in ;recipes, blended in shakes or as cereal or yogurt toppers.
  • They'll stay fresh and crunchy for ages.
  • It'll keep longer.
  • Keep dairy together or with meats. Place fruits and veggies in the appropriate drawers.
  • If you have just a little bit of something in a large container or bottle, move it to a smaller container. Just make sure it's labebed so you know what you're eating!
  • If it's hard to see or you're moving to another container, make a label first!
  • Place eggs in an egg organizer, just make sure the shells are labeled so you know when to toss.
  • These are great for everything from sauces to leftovers, are durable and great space-savers. Just make sure they're ;transparent so you can see what's in 'em.
Scores 4.79 with 174 votes

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