Treat Bug Bites Checklist

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  • This seems pretty basic but it's been known to work.
  • Whether or not this drains the poison is dubious, but it can alleviate itching temporarily.
  • The green gel is not just for sunburns. Try it on your bug bites and ease the itch.
  • Allow to dry and then wipe off.
  • Beware, though, that if you scratch the bite before applying an after-bite solution, it may sting a little.
  • Itching will only make it worse!
  • Apply ice to the bite in 15-minute intervals, several times a day or until pain and itching subsides.
  • If you break the skin, you can cause scarring or infection.
  • Use a credit card to gently lift it from the sting.
  • Apply an ice bag or cubes of ice to the sting in 10-minute intervals.
  • Apply as often as needed.
  • For the first few days, apply ice every 20 minutes. Apply enough ice as to where it's uncomfortable. Extreme cold will slow the venom from spreading.
  • If you see it still around, make sure it's dead!
  • You should keep the tick in the jar for at least 3 months, in case you develop any symptoms of disease.
  • Bring the preserved tick with you for testing.
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