Telemarketing Checklist

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Telemarketing Checklist
  • How much will you save compared to the cost of hiring and training enough staff members to effectively manage your telesales campaign in-house?
  • How much will you save on phone equipment and set up as well as office space, employee workstations and other office related costs?
  • A professional telemarketing team will give the best results and provide a positive customer service experience.
  • Steer clear of fly by night firms - there are many scammers who will take your investment and skip town.
  • Manual telesales is a thing of the past. Any company you hire should have access to top-notch computerized databases and calling equipment - and trained staff.
  • Ask for references; businesses or organizations that have used the company should have good things to say about their professionalism and ability to deliver.
  • What are the guidelines for hiring phone reps? What experience is required?
  • What kind of training do new hires receive? How long does training last? Is computer training included?
  • How long are inbound callers normally on hold? Are they listening to dead air?
  • How much time is typically spent on the average call?
  • Can the telemarketing firm work on your behalf 24/7, providing inbound call coverage as well as outbound?
  • What scripts will be used to convince the customer? Are they professionally written?
  • What database will be used to determine the calls made? Will the desired demographic be targeted?
  • Is the marketing plan used on your behalf unique and customized for your needs?
  • How will results of telemarketing efforts be delivered? Is there accountability?
  • Many telemarketing companies provide lists of prospects, or 'leads'.
  • Contacting prospects who have not requested a contact.
  • Contacting prospects who have expressed interest in an appointment.
  • Marketing directly to the customer via telephone contact.
  • Handling inbound queries or sales calls.
  • Collecting extra data on the customer during phone calls.
Scores 4.79 with 228 votes

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