Summer Fun Checklist

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  • Music, Dance, Karate, Art and other types of instructive classes are available - often at summer discounted prices - to keep kids occupied.
  • Check out your local town website or supplemental newspaper to learn about classes, activities, and festivals happening in the summer months that cater to kids.
  • Take the kids to the beach, pool, or waterpark.
  • Add a picnic at your local park for a full day of fun.
  • Plan a family camping trip.
  • Escape the heat by taking the kids to a fun movie, storytime at the library or a ;kid-friendly museum.
  • Baseball and Soccer games are often discounted in the summer, so this is a great option for your mini-sports fans.
  • Explore the animal kingdom with a day at the zoo or butterfly park, or petting farm.
  • Farmer's Markets can be a great place to learn, especially during summer months when there are festivals and craft tables targeted towards families and children.
  • Bring the kids to the kitchen to make and bake their favorite foods.
  • Kids can make puppets from paper bags or cardboard rolls, and put on a production. Or they can dress up and star in their own show.
  • Give kids their own patch of earth to plant their own vegetable or flower garden. Make crowns from leaves to commemorate the planting.
  • Have a water fight with squirt guns and water balloons. Turn on the sprinklers to make the battlefield more fun and water the lawn at the same time!
  • Read favorite books outloud, then have kids make up, create, and illustrate their own.
  • Kids can make friendship bracelets or beaded necklaces, or color on plain t-shirts or hats. Then have a fashion show for the budding designers to model their creations.
  • Draw a puzzle design on a piece of blank paper, then have kids draw a picture on the blank side. Cut out the puzzle pieces and have kids reassemble their art.
  • Make up a scavenger hunt and send kids from clue to clue on a fun wild goose chase. Make sure to have a reward at the end, like a batch of freshly baked cookies or a box full of their favorite treasures.
Scores 4.79 with 89 votes

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