Product Release Checklist

  • g., export, safety)
  • If a stakeholder hits difficulties with this release after it goes out, add those issues to the checklist template so that everyone knows that they will be explicitly managed on the next release.
  • ;Conduct a postmortem review to help expose difficulties rather than repeat them.

The process of working through this checklist helps uncover any remaining concerns before the release, and reminds internal stakeholders of their upcoming responsibilities. Once this checklist has been satisfied, this release may be sent to manufacturing and sold to customers with the full support of the organization. Discuss each item with the relevant stakeholders and update its status. Add comments as needed to record important decisions or link to resulting documents. Add new items as needed for your particular project or process. Any uncovered problems or tasks should be tracked in the issue tracker.


You might consider some of the following additional stakeholders at your organization: Other engineering groups (i.e., hardware design), Manufacturing and Shipping, Software Process Improvement, Key customers and partners, External developers, Risk Management, Business Development, Upper Management.