Pet Adoption Checklist

Nicole Nichols-West

Nicole Nichols-West

created on Dec 28, 2011

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Getting a new pet is an exciting event, but with the excitement comes responsibility. Whether your pet is a cat, dog, bird, fish, lizard, hamster or any other type of domesticated animal, there are things you will need to consider carefully before introducing them into your home. The pros and cons must be weighed, and preparations made ahead of time before bringing your new pet home. You want the addition of a new pet to your family to be stress and worry free, and for everyone affected by the decision to have some input. The following checklist will give you an idea of the preparations that will need to be made for bringing your new pet home.


Impulse purchases or adoptions of pets from unknown sources can cause heartbreak and significant expenses down the road if it turns out your new pet has an illness or disease that you did not know about. Jumping into pet ownership unprepared can result in damage to property, and even liability if your new pet escapes and engages in destructive or aggressive behavior.

Covering all your bases as far as liability is concerned means planning in advance and taking all necessary precautions to properly control your new pet.

Think about the long term ramifications of your decision to adopt or buy an animal. The lifespan of the pet, its possible health care needs and daily care will need to be taken care of as long as you own it.

There will be ongoing expenses in the form of food and healthcare, and possible other costs for grooming or boarding if you have to go out of town. If you can only afford to spend a certain amount on pet care each month, you will need to select a pet whose needs won't overtax your ability to meet them.

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