Natural Cleaning Checklist

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Natural Cleaning Checklist
  • Works just as well as more abrasive scrubs.
  • Store it in the fridge to keep perishables fresh. Pour some in the hamper or trash bag, and odors will ;disappear.
  • ;Moisten a rag with club soda and buff, then wipe it dry with a clean cloth.
  • Put cornstarch on the stain, let sit for 15-30 minutes, and vacum.
  • Peel away as much wax as possible, then dampen a cotton ball with glycerin and rub the rest away.
  • Dip a q-tip into Hydrogen Peroxide and disinfect as you clean between the keys
  • Dab some ketchup on a clean cloth and rub it on tarnished cookware. Coppery color should return in minutes! Rinse cookware in warm water and towel dry.
  • Put stained clothing in the solution and let soak overnight before washing.
  • Just dab a cottonball in rubbing alcohol and rub until clean.
  • Mix equal parts vinegar and water to clean and ;disinfect ;counters, sinks, appliances and most surfaces.
  • Use a slice of white bread to gently remove the dirt and grime on oil paintings and other fragile items.
Scores 4.79 with 89 votes

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