Marathon Checklist

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Marathon Checklist
  • There is nothing better than practice, but doing it safely, and in increments is best.
  • Ensure that your diet is the right one to help you make it through the race, using extra carbs and protein
  • Clear your mind ahead of the race of any worries, it's better for your safety
  • Once your mind is cleared, focus on the course ahead of you.
  • Taking the time to stretch each muscle properly will be the safest thing to do during training, but the day of the marathon, you have 26.2 miles to do it, so take it easy.
  • Be sure to get enough sleep not only the night before, but the week before the race.
  • Join a gym, or a marathon club to help you keep in the best shape possible before each race.
  • Not all marathon runners have one of these, but they do prove to be quite valuable in guiding you, safely through the marathon process.
  • Pay attention to the shoes on the market for marathon runners, and how each type would work for you.
  • These are great for keeping rocks and insects out of your eyes.
  • Finding outfits that are comfortable, don't offer wind resistance, and that will allow movement.
  • Be sure to use this before the race on areas that can be rubbed raw, and will be slow to heal.
  • Use this to get a good idea of what your times are before the actual marathon races.
  • Course maps are great for knowing exactly where you're going to have to turn, and not get lost.
  • Understand exactly who you're up against, their style of running, and how to stay safe against them.
  • Pay attention to the weather forecast, because thunderstorms and wind are a safety hazard to run in.
  • If there are a ton of hills and valleys, or curves and sharp turns, know this ahead of time so that you can safely compensate for it.
  • Pace yourself at a rate of speed that isn't going to over-stress you.
  • Know how to take some personal time to recover from the marathon itself, and don't wait until a few hours after it; start doing so right afterwards, you'll be happy you did.
  • Yes, your placard will identify you, but still have your driver's license on you, just in case it's needed.
  • Avoiding sunburn is a big priority because of the health issues it can cause, so take sunscreen with you, and use it generously.
  • Carrying a huge First Aid kit won't help you, but carry a couple of Ace Bandages at least, just in case you sprain an ankle.
  • Staying hydrated during a 26.2 mile marathon is extremely important, especially when the sun is beating down on you.
  • A few snack bars, or trail mix will help keep your energy up during the marathon, so keep some on you.
  • Yes, take an attitude with you, that no matter what, you are a winner, and wave at the cameras as you pass by at the end.
Scores 4.84 with 88 votes

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