Laundry Organization Checklist

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  • Before doing laundry organization , sort them in piles.
  • The laundry that needs to be soaked due to bad stains, put in a seperate place, and start the presoak.
  • Wash all the loads one after the other hanging up cloths that need to be hung up. Put the rest, into the dryer.
  • As soon as you get the socks out of the dryer, match up the pairs immediately, so they don't disappear.
  • Be aware: some clothes may shrink in the dryer, especially on high heat settings.
  • Always check labels for drying instructions before putting cloths in the dryer.
  • Yes, enjoy laundry day, it is not a "dismissal", it's the way you work it out; if you are organized then you like it.
  • Look through your childrens' closet to see if you have clothes that do not fit or are out of style and remove them.
  • ;Gather all accessories that specifically belong to those outfits like socks, hair accessories, bibs, hats and crib shoes.
  • Only the ones that are washable; try to remove the stains if possible to make sure that everything is clean.
  • If your underwear doesn't have sizing tags, it's a very good idea to label them yourself. It makes it easier for you to know where to place it, in which child's drawer it belongs.
  • Now when everything is clean place them on a flat surface to put sets together to match accessories to the garments.
  • All bags should be labeled, outside of the bag, with a permanent marker: the size, gender and season.
  • Most people like an attic to store containers while other perfer a basement, both serve the purpose. It doesn't matter as long as it's done the right way.
Scores 4.75 with 89 votes
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