House Cleaning Checklist

  • Get rid of the old T-shirts and bar towels and get 2 good Micro Fiber cloths. One for wet use and one for dry.
  • Get a good scrub brush that's tapered on one end to get into corners and make sure it has a grip you can handle.
  • Save a tree and get a squeegee for your windows instead of using rolls and rolls of paper towels.
  • Get an extendable duster to reach into corners and get ceiling fan blades.
  • You'll need a good pair of rubber gloves that can stand up to some punishment.

Get those cleaning supplies gathered up, grab the Swifter and the Pledge. Where's the Windex and somebody find the mop. But before you do, you need to get rid of all those wintery dustbunnies and window streaks. Print out this Housecleaning Checklist and put the gang to work. During the winter we have a tendency to keep the drapes drawn to hold in the heat and keep out the gloom. We also spend a lot more time inside the house than we do outside. Clutter starts to accumulate in corners, closets become a jumbled mess of hats and coats and boots. And let's not even talk about the mud and snow and salt that's been tracked through the house all winter. And then the day finally comes where you can pull back the drapes and open the windows and you see your home in a whole new light.  The bright light of springtime – that highlights every dustbunny and every bit of corner clutter for the whole world to see. Use this House Cleaning Checklist to bring the springtime in and kick clutter to the curb!