Hotel Checklist Template

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  • Where is the hotel located? Downtown? Near the airport? Near historical sites?
  • What types of rooms does the hotel have available? Examples: single, double, smoking/non-smoking.
  • What are the room rates? Does the hotel offer any special or promotional rates? Examples: advance purchase discounts, weekend specials, rates which include breakfast and/or other amenities, corporate rates.
  • What taxes are involved with my hotel stay? Examples: room occupancy tax, state tax, departure taxes, surcharges.
  • Can my reservations be guaranteed if held with a credit card?
  • Does the hotel issue a confirmation number? Can I receive a copy of the hotel confirmation in writing?
  • What are the hotel's address and phone/fax numbers?
  • What types of parking facilities does the hotel offer and what are the costs involved?
  • What special features does the hotel offer? Examples: restaurants, pools, on-site recreation.
  • Is the hotel accessible for the disabled?
Scores 4.79 with 518 votes

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