Garden Pest Prevention Checklist

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Garden Pest Prevention Checklist
  • Toads feed on ;mosquitoes, flies, worms and other insects and are an added advantage to any garden.
  • Build a toad home on about a square foot of earth. The area should be soft, moist, with minimal wind.
  • Make a cave-like haven for your toads in a broken flowerpot, or by using flat stones or bricks. You can also buy a toad home at your local garden supply store.
  • Keep grass ;around ;1-3 inches and trim regularly.
  • This includes dense greenery like heavily sprouting bushes, leaves and vines.
  • The only thing slugs love more than your garden plants is beer. Place a cup of beer next your plants and the slugs will opt for ale over kale. The result may not be pretty, but it does the trick.
  • Moles feast on insect larvae, invertebrates, earthworms, centipedes and other small insects. Luckily your toad patrol should take care of most of the problem.
  • This nifty gadget directs moles away from your garden with sound waves.
  • ;Moles won't burrow under Marigolds, Fritillaria, Euphorbia or castor beans. Plant around your yard or garden as a green border to keep moles out.
  • Install a chickenwire or mesh fence to help keep out rabbits and skunks.
  • Ensure the area is clean of woodpiles, bird's nests, and yard clippings. All of these garden messes attract rodents and insects.
  • Spray plants with a mixture of water and ;Cayenne ;pepper. This will keep rabbits, skunks, and deer from munching on your greens.
  • Like moles, Deer don't care for marigolds. They also don't like certain herbs such as sage, oregano and thyme, and won't eat pansy, lily of the valley, monkshood, poppy, daffodil, or hyacinth.
Scores 4.76 with 66 votes

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