Content Management System Implementation Checklist

A CMS can help your organization develop and maintain a website, but even the best CMS system will not deliver a top-notch site without a sound implementation.  This Content management system implementation checklist will help you focus on the most important aspects of site-building with a content management system to ensure the best and smoothest possible implementation.

Build An Oversight Committee

  • At least one high-level manager to give you executive input and buy-in.
  • For departmental input and prioritization.
  • Guidance for high-level technical decisions.
  • Committee member who communicates directly with any related vendors.
  • Someone who is not directly involved with implementation, for improved perspective.
  • Represents customer concerns in strategic decisions.
  • Helps to make sure that your new site does not set you up for legal problems.

Assemble Your Implementation Team

Build Your Project Plan

Develop Your CMS Implementation Schedule

Develop Your Content Management Policy

Deliver the Content Management System Implementation

Content Management System Implementation Checklist Tips

  • If possible, market testing your site and design as you build it can be very helpful in solidifying your content management system implementation.  Customer feedback about visual appeal, navigability, and usability can help you head off major problems down the road.
  • While modern CMS software makes it easy to build nice looking websites, enlisting a web design professional early in the process can help you produce a more polished and better-performing final product.
  • Developing a clear content policy near the beginning of your project will help you focus your design and implementation efforts, and it will also inform your training material later on. A solid, consistent policy also helps maintain a consistent voice and look-and-feel as your site evolves, and it can help avoid undesirable posts from popping up.
  • While the ultimate design of your new CMS site is up to you and your organization, it is generally best to avoid adding in too many complicated features.  Especially since the advent of nearly ubiquitous mobile computing, most of the best and well-read websites maintain a simple and elegant design.