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Get rid of your natural waste, clear up your yard and fertilize your soil...the natural way! Learn how to compost with our Compost Pile Checklist. Help the environment and your home by cutting back on your garbage output. Put those grass clippings to good use!


  • Both gourmet and casual composting produce great results for the environment. The only difference is how long it'll take for your compost pile to be "done."
  • Fluff your pile with the pitchfork. Do this every so often to provide even air circulation and heat distribution.
  • It's not as hard as it may seem. Just keep layering yard clippings with your green waste and you should have a working compost pile.
  • Don't be scared of compost critters. Yes, there's a host of creatures living in your pile, but they're supposed to be there!
  • Biggest composting error: Not enough water. Don't let it get dry! Make sure your compost pile is moist.
  • Compost pile should have a pleasant, earthy aroma. If it smells sour or rancid, something's in there that shouldn't be! (ie, meat scraps, dairy products, or oils)