Babysitter Checklist

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Babysitter Checklist
  • Even if you've known this sitter all her life, put your name at the top of the list. If there is an emergency she may become too flustered to remember your name.
  • If this is your cell phone number make sure it's fully charged before you leave home and keep it with you at all times.
  • Include the full name, not a nickname.
  • This should be the complete street address and the name of the city if you're traveling to a nearby town.
  • If you're going somewhere else, make sure to include all of that information, too.
  • Give your sitter the name and phone number of a trusted friend or relative she can contact in case you're unavailable for whatever reason.
  • Make sure you spell this out clearly so the sitter can read it off over the phone without even having to think about it.
  • Spell out your child's complete name.
  • The 911 operator may need to know your child's age.
  • List everything your child is allergic to including foods and medications.
  • Does your child like to have a story at bedtime, or a glass or warm milk or water, does he have to brush his teeth first, etc.
  • What can the sitter do to entertain your child or distract him if he becomes upset when you leave?
  • You may think your child is a little angel when you're gone. But if the sitter isn't allowed to discipline your child you're eventually going to run out of sitters who'll be willing to watch you're little imp when you want a night out.
  • If you tell you're sitter you're going to be somewhere at a certain time, be there so she can reach you if there's an emergency.
  • If you're not carrying a cell phone, make sure you identify yourself at the restaurant or the party or wherever you're going so if a phone call DOES come for you, people will know you're there.
  • You may have several teenagers lined up in your neighborhood who you trust to care for your child. But chances are, when there is a major event going on at school they will all be unavailable to sit at the same time. And that's probably the night you're planning to go out. Take the time now to contact a babysitting service so you'll always have alternate plans.
Scores 4.84 with 198 votes

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