Baby monitor checklist

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Baby monitor checklist
  • Digital. Digital monitors are typically more expensive, provide superior audio quality and are more difficult to eavesdrop to.
  • The video option on a baby monitor can easily double its price but provides you with the convenience to also see the baby (not just hear). And when are we tired of seeing our little ones?! An addition bonus is a pan/zoom option. Most baby m
  • The baby monitor will pick up not only your baby but also any conversation around it. Make sure you select a monitor with security features. Most DECT type will use encryption for audio. Video security should have the "digital lock" on the box.
  • Without getting into a technical discussion, it is recommended to use either 2.4 GHz models (which share their frequency with wi-fi systems) or better yet, 19. GHz which uses DECT technology.
  • Although smaller receivers are easier to carry around the house, video receivers should not be too small as you wish to have a clear view of your baby. Transmitters are less frequently carried around so their size is not as crucial.
  • If you are busy watching television and do not wish to be disturbed by every small cry, the Sounds warning light is quite useful. Make sure you get a model with a scale so that you can clearly see when the pitch becomes high and yo
  • Battery life is quite important on these devices as you typically carry the receiver with you around the house. You should have a minimum of 1 hour but 3 hours is best. A low indicator will alert you that it is tim
  • Multiple monitor transmitters are more common with the video option. They allow you to have more than one camera on your baby or you can simply place them in separate room (e.g. in the baby's bedroom and in the living room). It is
  • This is not a common option although some parents like to have it for convenience.
  • This feature let's you know the room temperature. Our experience is that they are not very accurate.
  • Some advanced systems allow you to connect to your monitor via the internet using a browser or a mobile app. They are usually quite expensive.
  • Ensure transmitters with cords are placed at least 3 feet away from the baby crib. The baby could strangle to death.
  • Keep your monitor away from water to avoid shocks or damage to the device
Scores 4.79 with 80 votes

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