At Home Birth Checklist

Lauren Meir

Lauren Meir

created on May 14, 2012

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    Be thorough in your research. Ask friends and health care professionals for recomendations.
    Likewise, pack a bag for the hospital, just in case.
    Have this on hand for the birth, as well as any relevant medical information.
    At least 2 full sets of extra linens should be readily available.
    You will need several sets of towels and washcloths in various sizes. Keep these in a large laundry basket or storage bin.
    This includes a onesie or t-shirt, a long-sleeved sleeper, footed pajamas, socks, cotton hats and 4-5 receiving blankets.
    Include wipes and diaper rash cream.
    Be sure to go over the birth plan with your midwife team well in advance, and make a list of the items s/he is responsible for bringing.
    This includes a list of disposable supplies that need to be ordered.
    This can be used for massage and also to clean the birth fluids from your baby's skin.
4.82 with 90 votes


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If you're pregnant and considering giving birth at home, there are important facts you need to consider. Read our At Home Birth Checklist and get the most from your midwife service. Be prepared and welcome your little one into a warm, comfortable, safe nature intended!

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