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Use the following Tax Deduction Checklist when filing your annual return:

  • General Income
    • Wages, salaries and tips.
    • Interest income statements.
    • Dividend income statements.
    • Sales of stock, land, etc.
    • Sales of real estate.
    • State tax refunds.
    • Alimony received or paid.
    • Unemployment compensation received.
    • Miscellaneous income.
    • Retirement income.
  • Business Income
    • Business income and expenses.
    • Rental income and expenses.
    • Farm income and expenses.
    • Income from partnerships, trusts, and S-corporations.
    • Miles traveled for business purposes.
  • Tax Credits
    • Child care provider address, ID number and amounts paid.
    • Adoption expense information.
    • Foreign taxes paid.
    • First time home buyer tax credit.
  • Expense and Tax Deduction
    • Medical expenses for the family.
    • Medical insurance paid.
    • Prescription medicines and drugs.
    • Doctor and dentist payments.
    • Hospital and nurse payments.
    • Miles traveled for medical purposes.
    • Home mortgage interest.
    • Home second mortgage interest paid.
    • Real estate taxes paid.
    • State taxes paid with last years return (if itemized).
    • Personal property taxes paid.
    • Cash contributions to charities.
    • Fair market value of non-cash contributions to charities.
    • Unreimbursed expenses related to volunteer Work.
    • Miles traveled for volunteer purposes.
    • Casualty and theft losses.
    • Amount paid to professional preparer last year.
    • Unreimbursed expenses related to Your job.
    • Union and professional dues.
    • Investment expenses.
    • Job-hunting expenses.
    • IRA contributions.
    • Student loan interest paid.
    • Moving expenses.
    • Last year’s tax preparation fee.
  • Tax Estimate Payments
    • Estimated payments made with ES vouchers.
    • Last years tax return overpayment applied to this year.
    • Off highway fuel taxes paid.
  • General Information
    • Social security numbers for you and your spouse.
    • Educational expenses for you and your spouse.
    • Dependents names, years of birth, and social security numbers.
    • Dependents post high school educational expenses.
    • Child care expenses for each dependent.
    • Routing transmit number (RTN).
    • Bank account number (BAN).

Tax Deduction checklist Tips

Your statements should be filed with the IRS on an annual basis. We recommend saving this tax deduction checklist to your account and customizing it the first time you use it. Then, in subsequent years, simply re-use it as a checklist template. It is typical that the first time around you will need to make most changes as you learn how to file your taxes. The second time is always easier. Happy filing!

Tax Deduction Checklist
  John F. Smith

on December 26, 2011

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