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  • General Safety
    • Drawers are kept closed at all times when not actually in use.
    • Chairs and other furniture are in good condition.
    • All compressed gas cylinders that may be in your area are secured from falling over.
    • There is ready access to a suitable step stool, stepladder, or similar device in areas where items are stored or placed overhead.
    • In storage areas, heavier items are stored at waist level, with the lightest objects placed on the higher shelves.
    • Personal protection equipment has been provided to all employees needing it.
    • Staff have been trained on how to inspect and use patient care equipment.
    • The area free of clutter.
  • Fire & Disaster
    • Proper fire and safety equipment is available.
    • Fire alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers are accessible.
    • All staff know the locations of fire alarm pull stations.
    • All staff know the locations of extinguishers in or near their work area.
    • Staff in the area know the proper reporting procedure if they find a fire.
    • All containers of powders, liquids, and gases are labeled as to contents.
    • Flammables are stored in flammable storage cabinets.
    • All areas are in compliance with ‘No Smoking’ policies.
  • Hallways, Stairs, & Exit Paths
    • The corridors kept clear of obstructions.
    • Carpeting is secure to the floor, unfrayed, free from tripping hazards, and generally in good condition.
    • Hard floor surfaces secure and free of tripping and slipping hazards.
    • All wet floors are marked with "CAUTION, WET FLOOR" (or similar) signs?
    • All EXIT signs are illuminated.
    • All fire doors close and latch properly.
    • Stairwell handrails are in good condition.
    • Stair treads are in good condition.
    • Stairwells are completely clear of obstructions and any objects.
    • The housekeeping in this area is adequate.
  • Electrical Safety
    • Access to electrical panels is clear and not obstructed.
    • All electrical switches & circuit breakers are identified.
    • All electrical receptacles and cover plates are in good condition.
    • Electrical cords and plugs are in good condition.

Safety Audit Checklist
  John F. Smith

on January 2, 2012

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