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  • Plan a Picnic
    • Check the weather beforehand.
    • Pick your picnic spot Make sure it’s in a place you are allowed to be, such as a public campground or park.
    • Make sure the area is clean with a flat surface.
    • Dress accordingly for the season and weather conditions Bring a light jacket in case of wind or unexpected rain.
  • Picnicking Equipment :
    • Large blanket or mat for sitting and ;lounging.
    • Portable/foldable chairs.
    • Portable table (if the area has no picnic table available).
    • Large umbrella This is to provide shade from the sun.
    • Large portable cooler for food and drinks.
  • Picnic Utensils and Packing :
    • Disposable plates, cups, and cutlery.
    • Plastic containers and bags for food storage.
    • Thermos for hot or cold drinks.
    • Trash bags.
    • Larger serving spoons/forks.
    • Small cutting board and knife.
    • Napkins and paper towels.
  • Personal Necessities:
    • Sunscreen
    • Umbrella
    • Bottled Water
    • Hats and sunglasses for additional sun protection.
    • Bathing suit and change of clothes (during summertime near swimming areas).
    • Sweatshirts and jackets during colder seasons and cooler days.
    • Backpack for smaller items like extra clothing or personal belongings.
    • Bug spray/Insect repellent
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Pre-moistened clean wipes For both hands and any equipment that might get dirty.
    • Flashlight If you are picnicking until evening.
    • Dishsoap If you have any large bowls or containers to clean, it’s good to have.
    • Toilet paper In case there is no public restroom, or the facilities don’t have enough toilet paper.
    • First-Aid Basics Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, and ;alcohol ;swabs are essential to have in case of minor injuries.
  • Eating Essentials:
    • Sandwiches, subs, or wraps These be filled with a variety of meats, cheeses and extras. Easy to pack and eat with virtually no clean-up involved.
    • Snack foods like chips, crackers, pretzels, or other munchies Granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit and nuts are good for sweet snacking.
    • Salads Regular mixed greens, cole-slaw and potato salad are all picnic favorites.
    • Fresh veggies Cut up carrot sticks, peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables for snacking and dipping.
    • Dips and spreads Bring packets of mayo, ketchup, mustard, salad dressings.
    • Salt and pepper packets, or any other ;seasoning ;you prefer.
    • Fresh fruit For dessert and all day snacking, fruits like watermelon will also keep you hydrated throughout the day.
  • Entertainment
    • Net for volleyball or ;badminton
    • Various sporting balls
    • Frisbee
    • Pack of cards
    • Outdoor toys for kids
    • Bicycle/tricycle, skateboard, or ;roller-blades If your picnic spot is at a park or location with trails for these purposes.
    • If it’s summer and your location is near a lake or swimming spot, go for a dip or try fishing.
    • Explore your surroundings Go for a walk or hike. Dress appropriately!
    • Books/magazines For ;leisurely ;picnic reading and relaxation.
    • Sketchbook and colored pencils For the artistically inclined.

Spring, summer and fall are all perfect seasons for picnicking. It’s a fun, tasty, cost-effective way to enjoy the season with the people you care about most. Whether your picnic is with family, friends, or a romantic meal for two, our picnic checklist has you covered.


  • Bring extra clothing for each family member in case it gets cool.
  • Don’t leave trash on the ground, including any food scraps.
  • Picnicking after dark? Bring flashlights or glow sticks. Wear light-reflective clothing.
  • Don’t wander into wooded areas after dark, especially if you don’t know your way around.
  • If you’re bringing a dog, don’t forget the leash. Bring a water dish, food, and a toy to keep your pet entertained.
Picnic Checklist
  Lauren Meir

on May 8, 2012

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