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  • Before Leaving your Pet
    • Arrange an initial home visit to familiarise your pet with their new minder.
    • Make sure the pet sitter and your pet get along together.
    • Schedule for feeding & walking.
    • Make sure to have plenty of food, litter and medical supplies available.
    • Have all food, toys and cleaning equipment in easy to find locations.
    • Close any rooms you don’t want your pets to access and lock if need be.
    • Clean tanks, cages, kennels, etc just before pet sitter arrives.
    • Leave contact details of where you’ll be and the number for your vet.
    • Have a neighbour, relative or friend who knows your pets well on standby.
  • Getting your Pet Ready
    • Ensure that your pet is licensed and has all the appropriate identification equipment
    • If your pet has any health problems then get them taken care of.
    • Have your per registered at the local animal shelters.
  • Rules for Your Pet
    • Is pet allowed outside at certain times only?
    • Is your pet an inside or outside animal?
    • Is your pet only allowed to eat certain foods?
    • Is your pet allowed to eat between meals?
    • Is your pet allowed on the furniture or beds?
    • What is your policy on scratching furniture or carpets?
    • Do you have any methods of punishment for breaking of rules?
  • Pet Supplies
    • Pet bedding.
    • Tanks, cages, kennels etc.
    • Food, drinks and treats, include bowls and food containers.
    • Health care products and medications.
    • Toilet equipment.
    • Pooper scoopers, mops, buckets and cleaning products.
    • Toys and play items.
    • Walking and exercise equipment.
    • Cleaning and/or grooming equipment.
    • Travelling items.

Pet Sitter Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on December 28, 2011

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