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  • Pre Interview
    • Attend a workshop on interviewing skills.
    • Do your homework!
    • Make sure you know the name of the person or people interviewing you.
    • Research your interviewers – Google their names and check LinkedIn.
    • Check the format of the interview.
    • Think about the questions you might be asked.
    • Think of the responses you could make.
    • Develop questions that you can ask your interviewers.
    • Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes and think of what you would want to find out about yourself.
    • Practice interviewing by answering questions in front of your mirror.
    • Have a friend or family member ask you questions to work on your answers and delivery.
    • Videotape yourself and then watch the tape.
    • Take a contact number with you in case there are any problems.
    • Plan the journey and check for delays.
    • Print out a map of your route.
    • Leave a good half hour before you think you need to.
    • Organise your portfolio.
    • Bring along any relevant materials.
    • Use a briefcase or attache case.
  • At the Interview
    • All clothing should be neatly pressed.
    • Be on time.
    • Look the part and be positive.
    • Listen intently and respond clearly.
    • Maintain good eye contact with the interviewer/s.
    • Bring along two blue or black pens as well as a notepad.
    • Switch off your mobile phone.
    • Do not smoke during your interview or immediately before.
  • After the Interview
    • Evaluate your technique and the entire experience.
    • Promptly send handwritten thank-you notes to each person who interviewed you.
    • Relax and wait for the results of your hard work

Interview Checklist
  Alex Strickland

on December 28, 2011

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