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  • Basic Questions
    • Is the front desk staffed 24 hours a day?
    • Does the hotel offer non-smoking rooms?
    • Does the hotel allow pets? What size?
    • What is check in time? Check out time?
    • What is the policy for late check in?
    • What is the hotel’s cancellation policy?
    • How much is the room tax?
    • What is the fee for local calls?
  • Finding a Deal
    • Ask if they offer discounts (corporate, AAA, senior)
    • If lower advertised rate, ask for that rate.
    • Shop for internet discounts and web-only rates.
    • Travel agents can often get better deals.
    • Ask for extended stay discount for long trips.
  • Hotel Amenities
    • Does the hotel have a restaurant or cafe?
    • Is there a pool or other recreational facilities?
    • Is there a playground or other children’s facilities?
    • Is there a phone in the room?
    • Does the room have a private bath?
    • Are there business facilities (fax, internet, copier)?
  • Making Reservations
    • Make reservations with a credit card in case you have problems.
    • Travel insurance will protect you if trip cancelled.
    • Read travel insurance policies carefully for exclusions.
    • Check your confirmation for errors as soon as you receive it.
    • Give someone your itinerary — arrival, departure, hotel.
    • Double check your reservations before leaving.
  • Safety Tips
    • Find out what the neighborhood is like.
    • Research photos on the internet and in travel guides.
    • Stay away from hotels with numbers on the keys.
    • Ask for a room not on the first floor.
    • Make sure there is a deadbolt on all exterior doors.
    • Doors opening into interior hallways are safer.
    • Check the fire escape route upon arrival.
    • Use the hotel safe for valuables.
    • Use the hotel main entrance after dark.
    • Hang the "do not disturb" sign and leave TV on when gone.
  • Accommodation Checklist
    • Location. Where is the hotel located? Downtown? Near the airport? Near historical sites?
    • Rooms What types of rooms does the hotel have available? Examples: single, double, smoking/non-smoking.
    • Rates What are the room rates? Does the hotel offer any special or promotional rates? Examples: advance purchase discounts, weekend specials, rates which include breakfast and/or other amenities, corporate rates.
    • Taxes What taxes are involved with my hotel stay? Examples: room occupancy tax, state tax, departure taxes, surcharges.
    • Reservations. Can my reservations be guaranteed if held with a credit card?
    • Confirmation. Does the hotel issue a confirmation number? Can I receive a copy of the hotel confirmation in writing?
    • Basic information. What are the hotel’s address and phone/fax numbers?
    • Parking. What types of parking facilities does the hotel offer and what are the costs involved?
    • Amenities What special features does the hotel offer? Examples: restaurants, pools, on-site recreation.
    • Accessibility. Is the hotel accessible for the disabled?
    • What are the hotel’s check-in and check-out times?

Hotel Checklist
  Bianca Hendriks

on December 28, 2011

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